Galactic Civilizations IV Supernova Free Download PC Game setup in single direct link for Windows. It is an amazing simulation and strategy game.

Galactic Civilizations IV Supernova PC Game 2023 Overview

Take the helm of a united world that has just achieved faster-than-light travel and step into the awe-inspiring vastness of space in the latest entry in Stardock’s award-winning space 4X strategy game series. Be forewarned, the galaxy is not simply a playground of stellar wonders–it’s teeming with life, and not all of it is friendly.
Choose from over a dozen civilizations to play as, each with its own history, background and lore including the humans of Earth or as the malevolent, evil Drengin Empire, the calculating sentient machines of the Yor Singularity or the enthusiastic space traders of the Corporate Sector. Alternatively, use the new AlienGPT AI to create your own civilization from a simple typed in description.


Embark on a cosmic odyssey of discovery and lore. Explore the galaxy, colonize new worlds, negotiate treaties with alien civilizations and design mighty starships using the latest technologies your scientists have discovered. Balance the happiness of your populace with the need to ensure the safety and security of your civilization against foes who see your species as little more than future thralls for their empire.
With multiple paths towards victory, Galactic Civilizations and its award-winning AI engine ensure that whether playing against the computer or other people via the Internet that you will be challenged and intrigued every new game.
Choose the path of war and other civilizations may band together to resist you or alternatively others may seek to attach themselves to your rising star. Choose diplomacy and trade and other civilizations may find your growing and influence simultaneously compelling and threatening.


Each game leverages advanced AI, creating an entirely fresh galaxy for you to conquer. Using our groundbreaking AI technology, describe your civilization and watch it craft a whole species based on 30 years of Stardock’s art and lore. Take the reins of these unique civilizations or pit them against yourself.
Your civilization exists in a living, simulated universe. The leaders you enlist have their own agendas and ambitions and the galaxy is filled with touches of ancient lore left over from the Precursors who once dominated the known universe. Your decisions will impact the course of galactic history and determine whether your civilization can stand the test of time.

Flesh Out Unique Civilizations

Describe your civilization’s characteristics–from their preferences to their aspirations–in brief descriptions. Then watch our AI weave them into unique lore, diplomatic dialogues, starship selections, and ambassador portraits.

Chart the Boundless Galaxy

Discover new star systems and traverse expansive maps of varying scales, all interconnected by subspace currents.

Experience Unfolding New Adventures

With procedurally generated galaxies and a vast array of galactic events, each game offers a distinct, thrilling experience.

Cross Paths with Alien Civilizations

The universe is teeming with life. Encounter a diverse roster of alien leaders and engage in diplomacy, trade, or war with their civilizations.

Establish New Colonies

Appoint leaders to oversee your core worlds, while satellite planets funnel resources to create a thriving empire.

Push Technological Boundaries

Drive your civilization forward with groundbreaking technologies that are cheaper and faster for you to research than your competitors.

Lead Fleets into Epic Battles

Enhance your fleet’s effectiveness with the new Starship classes system. Each ship type has unique combat priorities, making fleet diversity a game-changer in battles.

Shape Your Civilization’s Policy

Choose from a wide range of policies–from enforced research to mandatory conscription–to determine your civilization’s operational framework.

Unleash Stellar Destruction

Wield the terror stars, originally engineered by the Dread Lords, to obliterate entire stars and everything within their orbits in a single blast.

Seize Control

Utilize the Control resource to execute immediate executive orders for prompt action.

Carve Your Path

Shape your civilization’s ideology through a comprehensive trait system, earning points in particular ideologies based on your response to events.


Technical Specifications of This Release.

  • Game Version : v1.95
  • Interface Language: English
  • Audio Language : English
  • Game File Name :
  • Game Download Size : 20 GB
  • MD5SUM : 1bafaab6398072d81a636436983b6469


System Requirements of Galactic Civilizations IV Supernova

Before you start Galactic Civilizations IV Supernova Free Download make sure your PC meets minimum system requirements.


Galactic Civilizations IV Supernova Free Download

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