Many followers requested us to write brief The Last of Us review, It is an exciting action first person shooting game. The game is all about survival. 

the last of us review

The Last of Us Game Review

This game is a survival instinct where you are surrounded by dangerous zombies all over. You have to keep yourself safe. Defend your self otherwise you’ll be a zombie too.  The graphics and sounds in game are awesome. It seems we are really into the game. Humanity moral values are changed. You have to do anything to survive on planet. Players will be attacked by zombies several times. Players have to fight for their lives. Other humans are either infected or dead already. The main characters are a warrior and a brave and strong teenage girl.

Features of The Last of Us

The main game character is Joel. Whose own family members are already dead or infected. He is the only one who can save the world now. The routine of Joel is tough and his actions are brutal as well. They should be like it. After all he has to fight against zombies. The deadliest creatures which are eating up all remaining humans. he door to his heart is sealed shut. The Game Last of Us is all about the main players who are fighting against zombies. These players have no fear and have nothing to lose. Joel have very violent and brutal actions. The styles with which he kills enemy are very hard.

the last of us game

Joel has a partner woman whose nature is related to Joel’s. Her name is Tess. She is emotional in start. She feels little resistance while killing the zombies. But soon she can pull the trigger with confidence. Because as she has already partnered with brutal Joel. Last of us game has already achieved a very good ranking on IGN and GameSpot. The background music and zombie noises seems very real. The gaming engine which is used to develop Last of Us is powered by state of art technology;

Both Joel and Tess are as deadly as Zombies. Equipped with rifles and axes. The main theme is you have to keep your self undetected and kill as many zombies you can to live more life on earth. We’ll keep updating the last of use review regularly.

the last of us